ASo Awards categories and criteria


Best all-round app preview video

The app/company with the best app preview video in the Apple App Store.



  • Does the App Preview display innovative and creative use of the video medium?


  • How compelling/engaging is the video?

  • Was the value/information of/about the app clear and well expressed?

  • How effectively does the video convey its message to the store visitor?

technical quality

  • Is the app preview well-designed in terms of typography, colour & layout, and pacing?

The name of the App Store app and link to the web URL of the app with the respective app preview video. Maximum of 250 words on why you think it is the best app preview video.

Any app with an app preview video on the Apple App Store can be nominated for this award. Only submissions of apps who’s app preview is still in the store during the nomination process will be considered.

Most impactful ASO Hack

The individual/team/company who has developed the most impactful technique, trick, approach or process, as part of their ASO strategy.


Purpose & process

  • Is the ASO hack well explained and replicable?


  • Does the ASO hack help increase ASO KPIs such as conversion, ranking increases etc. that will contribute to higher install numbers?

  • Credibility of evidence submitted about the hack (data graphs, results etc.)


  • Judged by the judges and then the ASO community - is this a (relatively) unknown / novel ASO hack?

A maximum of 250 words explaining the hack, outlining the process and giving examples of the impact achieved. Please name the source of the hack (if applicable). Please provide evidence in the form of data exports, screenshots, publicly available store data and more.

This award is open to any individual/team/company who have worked / are working on ASO for an app.

ASO marketer of the year

The person/individual who has provided the most significant contribution to App Store Optimization as a field over the past 12 months.



  • Has developed and made innovative ASO approaches, working practices or technologies available to the wider ASO community.


  • Active contributor to the ASO industry, publishing high-quality content/knowledge and/or mentoring/educating other ASO community members.


  • Has provided measurable results (e.g. in terms of keyword rankings, conversion increases, app features) from his/her ASO day-to-day ASO technique.

A maximum of 250 words including the name of the nominee and explanation of why she or he should receive the ASO Marketer of the Year award, and giving specific examples on how the nominee meets all of the four criteria above.

This award is open to any active ASO marketer, whether an employee at a company or a freelancer. Judges cannot be nominated.

HOw to enter?

  1. Our jury of App Store Optimization experts, chaired by Thomas Petit, can nominate candidates who they think deserve recognition.

  2. You can nominate an individual (#1), an individual/team/company (#2) or an app/company (#3). You can nominate yourself or someone else.

  3. Simply nominate someone by filling out and submitting the form.

  4. The submission deadline for all three categories is Wednesday, 18 September 2019.