The inaugural round 1 of the ASO Awards will recognize apps which have demonstrated exemplary screenshot design, with three winners of the following awards to be announced at the ASO Conference Berlin on May 22nd.

1.       Overall Best – decided via the highest combined judges score (ties decided via tiebreaker single vote by judges).

2.       Most Innovative – decided via vote by judges of the app with the highest score in the innovative sub-criterion.

3.       Crowd Favorite – decided via the nominee that earns the highest ASO Stack Slack community survey vote (ties decided via re-vote by the ASO Stack Slack community).

You can participate in the ASO Awards and help select the Crowd Favorite winner by joining the ASO Stack Slack community and participating in the upcoming Awards survey, which will be released on May 13th.

The Nominees

ASO Awards all Nominees.png

What do the criteria aim to measure?

1.       Messaging – this criterion focuses on addressing the screenshot’s ability to effectively communicate a reason or story strong enough to convert a user, which is primarily conveyed via text but can be supported by visuals.

2.       Legibility – arguably the easiest criterion to improve, this focuses on the screenshot’s legibility, which more often than one may think is a bottleneck to enabling the messaging to be properly received by the user.

3.       Innovation – the most challenging of the criteria and one of the more subjective, this criterion seeks to identify whether apps are able to push the envelope and get creative within the bounds of the App Store screenshot UX. Here, we will recognize those who continually redefine what it means to stand out as new trends become ubiquitous and lose their once-innovative edge.

4.       Design – another inherently subjective criterion, this assesses the visual best practices of the screenshots and works to provide a clear path to resolving issues in visual presentation.

ASOAwardsJudgin Criteria.png