The ASO Awards is an initiative designed to recognize app developers that demonstrate exemplary ASO, based on a set of objective criteria that evolve as the industry does.

The ASO Awards consists of two parts:

  1. A new framework to guide the tactical execution of App Store Optimization, distilled from best practices into a firm set of objective criteria.

  2. A tangible award that recognizes app teams who go above and beyond the competition to present truly top-notch ASO. Nominees and winners will be recognized on the ASO Awards website, and winners will also receive a commemorative glass engraved plaque.

Our hope is that the criteria can be used and improved over time in part with your feedback (captured via the ASO Stack Slack), so that the framework can be a valued jumping-off point for ASO marketers to use in their process. While some criteria, such as those in legibility may appear a more obvious fix, the purpose is to point out key opportunities, which if addressed can raise an app’s score, and ultimately improve an app’s ASO results.

From the creators of The Advanced ASO Book, The ASO Conference, The ASO Stack, and the ASO Stack Slack,